Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clover Sense LTE on Google TV

Turns out getting Clover Sense to work on the my google TV was very easy. So I went ahead and released a new version called Clover Sense LTE. All the same great game play but with ad support. I also tied into the remote since a touch screen is usually not present in such devices. Surprisingly there isn't mush competition on the TV market so mines is the only clover game. One thing I noticed is that its a lot harder to find clovers when your sitting 6 feet away. Lets just say the channel up and down buttons are your friends as they zoom you in and out. Happy hunting!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clover Sense on the Android Market!

Well it took awhile but I finally released Clover Sense into the wild! I must say I find this to be exciting. The idea for this game came to me a little less then a year ago when I was taking my daughter for a walk. For years I have always scanned every clover patch I walk by looking . Luckly while I was walking with my daughter I found one and it got me thinking that such an activity would make a great game. From there I was off with proto types and wild ideas of exploding clovers. And now today we will see if that clover I found will provide me with any real luck. Here's hoping for a million downloads. Check it out if you have the equipment.